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Worldwide Access

Users can access their account, view presentations, and use the Greenroom™ from any internet connected computer for at least 3 years!

Live Recorded Audio

Image AV uses cutting edge digital recording equipment to capture audio with multiple recording devices. This redundancy ensures your live event is preserved for posterity and as a revenue steam for your organization.

Fully Synchronized Speaker Slides

Speaker Slides are captured at the moment of the Presentation - ensuring that we publish the most accurate and up to date Information available. Additionally, this real time synchronization allows Image AV to publish your event in days rather than weeks.

Procedural Videos

Image AV’ proprietary capture software and process records not just the audio and slide timings, but all images projected in room – including all videos, animations, and speaker pointer movements. Our customers have submitted that other vendors omitting this data are only providing 20% of the information presented at the event. This additional content translates to increased education amongst your members and increased sales for your organization.

Converse with Colleagues

Users can join conversations with the speaker and/or fellow colleagues in the Greenroom™. This unique social networking platform connects your members with others interested in the sessions they just heard, allowing you to expand your event well after the conference concludes!

Download Audio

Users can save MP3 files to their computer for use with an iPod or PDA, maintaining the flexibility they demand.

Secure standalone version

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