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Session ID Title Speaker(s) Rating
001E Do Academic Libraries have a Role as Publishers? Ross Coleman , Shana Kimball Electronic ... 1/226
0003 A Comprehensive Overview of the China Market, from... Philippa Benson Director of Strategic an... 1/229
004C A Primer on Open Access Publishing Lessons from th... Diane Geraci Associate Director for Info... 1/139
003C Agile Organizations, Agile Content Kent Anderson , Matthew Howells , Larry ... 1/104
0002 Applying Unique Identifiers to Understand and Esta... Euan Adie Founder at Altmetrics & Produc... 1/84
005D Broaden your Borders: market Trends and Opportunit... Michael Scott Dineen Deputy Director of ... 0/114
003E COUNTER 4: Data that Really Counts! Kathy Perry Director, Oliver Pesch , Tom... 1/66
001C Discovery Beyond Google Lettie Conrad Online Product Manager, Ph... 0/92
003B Do We Need an App for That? Mobile Options in Scho... Richard Padley , Rachel Pepling Assistan... 0/99
001B Don't Forget the Little Publisher Anne McKee Program Officer for Resource ... 0/95
004D Free and Discounted Journal Access Programs for De... Philip Davis Publishing Consultant, Dani... 1/77
002D Juggling Agile, Global and Customers' Needs Jocelyn Dawson Assistant Manager, Journa... 0/80
005C Making eBooks Easier: Agreeing on Standards for an... Todd Carpenter Managing Director, Bill K... 1/73
004B Making Semantics Work Sivaram Arabandi , Bernadette Hyland , ... 0/105
002B Moving Beyond Print, Desktop, and Web Legacies to ... Matt Rampone , Munair Simpson 0/88
001D OneWorld, Many Copyrights: Comparisons and Tips on... Mark Seeley , M. Luisa Simpson Executiv... 0/77
0005 Peer Review in Open Access Journals Rachel Burley VP and Publisher, Life Sci... 0/134
002E Publishers! What are They Good For? David Crotty Senior Editor, Jason Priem ... 2/119
0006 Publishing in 2012 Where Does Copyright Fit In?... Jason Wilde , Nancy Blair-DeLeon , Paul... 1/57
003D Reaching a Global Audience: Translation, Transnati... Philippa Benson Director of Strategic an... 1/81
004A Risk vs. Reward: Exposing Proprietary Content in a... Brian Bishop Director of E-Product Devel... 1/56
005B Start-ups and Scholarly Publishing (Round 2) Matt Dunie President, Kenneth Hamilton ,... 1/102
003A The 21st Century Research Landscape: Emerging Tren... Timothy Babbitt Senior Advisor, John S... 0/71
Key2 The Business of Social and Mobile Larry Schwartz 0/77
0001 The Evolving Mobile Publishing Ecosystem Paul Calvi , Drew Griffin , Richesh Ruc... 0/115
0004 The Impact of E-Books on Scholarly and Professiona... Michael Artiles , Christian Beaulieu , R... 0/83
Plen The Rise of Networked Information Lee Rainie Director 0/48
004E To Disappear, or Not to Disappear: How to Avoid Dr... Kevin Cohn Vice President of Operations,... 1/93
002C User Experience in the Age of the UnboundedWeb: Th... Melinda Kenneway Director, Donald May , ... 0/65
005A Username Unknown - The Lack of Social Integration ... Paul Dlug Supervisor, Systems Administra... 1/66
001A What’s the Use of Social Media? How Publishers Can... Patricia Cleary , Susan Dunavan Manager ... 1/195

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